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Poor Eater - Think Ulcers

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

The majority of performance horses have gastric ulcers. There are many reasons for this. Let’s begin with the fact that horses are grazers and they are constantly producing bile to break down food. They are put in a stall, which is an unnatural environment (since they are herd animals), which causes increased stress plus we are in control of their feeding, which causes gaps in their eating while their gut is constantly churning bile. If they are performance horses, the stress increases with multiple additional factors. Some horses are stressed every time their environment changes. Most horsemen believe that it is always because of the new environment. Sometimes it is as simple as that. Most of the time it is just the stress of the environmental change or the uncertainty of where they are that causes stress, which increases the production of bile and either ignites an ulcer or aggravates existing ulcers. This stress increase causes a lack of appetite, weight loss, poor coat, and possibly much more damage.

A simple solution is thirty days of OMEPRAZOLE PASTE (a full 10ml tube of 2.3 grams), then drop the dosage by half for thirty days, and then a maintenance dose of 1/4 tube. You will see a difference in appetite, weight gain, coat, and overall better health in 2-4 weeks. has a full line of products for Stomach and Gastrointestinal care. Click HERE to find out more.

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