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Sodium Succinate: Powerful Respiratory Stimulant For EIPH

Updated: Apr 17

All metabolic processes are energy producers and closely related to oxygen consumption, and it is known that this element has to be obtained from respiration. From this fact derives the necessity of increasing oxygen entrance when the level of metabolic processes increases, and this is possible by heightening respiratory frequency and inspired air frequency. Sodium succinate is a powerful respiratory stimulant. The administration of this supplement in horses is followed by a genuine respiratory stimulation which is produced in a progressive form, it endures several hours and it is manifested in all cases by an increase in respiratory movements and their frequency, as it is shown in a greater grade of hemoglobin saturation. Sodium succinate is absolutely innocuous, free of secondary reactions, and can be given every time it is needed without being accustomed. The most common uses in performance horses are for respiratory depression of any origin; to increase respiratory volume and most importantly in preventing effort hemorrhage(lung bleeding).

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does this work for greyhounds

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