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The Benefits of Using Glycerin on the Coronary Band in Horses

The coronary band is a vital structure for hoof health in horses. This sensitive area located just above the hoof contains important tissues and blood vessels that nourish the hoof as it grows. Keeping the coronary band properly moisturized and supple is essential for maintaining strong, healthy hooves. Glycerin is an ingredient that offers several benefits when used on the equine coronary band.

Glycerin is a humectant, meaning it attracts moisture from the air and draws it into the skin. When applied to the coronary band, it acts as a hydrating agent by pulling moisture into the outer layers of skin and preventing water loss. This helps keep the delicate coronary tissue soft and flexible. Glycerin's moisturizing capabilities also have a soothing effect on dry, cracked, or irritated skin in this area.

In addition to hydrating, glycerin improves the absorption of other nourishing ingredients when used in combination products. It acts as a carrier to help active ingredients like vitamins, botanical oils, and butters penetrate more deeply into the coronary tissue. This allows other beneficial components to be better utilized.

Glycerin is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and derived from plant oils. It does not typically cause adverse reactions or sensitivities when used on skin. Glycerin has a protective effect on the coronary band, unlike harsh alcohols and chemicals that can dry out and irritate this area. The humectant, emollient, absorption boosting, and gentle properties of glycerin make it an excellent solo ingredient for maintaining the health of the equine coronary band. Using a glycerin-based product allows moisturizing and soothing care to be provided to this vital hoof structure. Horse owners looking for a safe, effective way to condition the coronary band should consider choosing a glycerin-containing product. Paying attention to hoof care above the hoof line is critical, and glycerin is up to the task.

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