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“Weight Gain, Optimum Performance and Shine”  This is what our customers are saying about Healthy E Oil™!


Healthy E Oil™ contains the essential fatty acids processed naturally from soybean oil for optimum coat shine and skin condition in a palatable liquid formula. Healthy E Oil™ is excellent for the senior equine as it is extremely digestible with 2.25 times the calories of shell corn. Use Healthy E Oil™ to reduce the amount of grain needed as well as control possible dust in feed!


Healthy E oil™ is not a refined product – This means that ALL of the key nutrients remain


  • Dosage and Administration (Oral Administration):

For a coat shine: 2-4 oz. per day

To improve weight gain: 4 oz per day Lactating mares: 6-8 oz per day

Performance horses: 8-10 oz per day

Growing foals and weanlings: 1 oz per 250 lb of body weight

Healthy E Oil™ | Prime Performance Nutrients

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