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Celestial Canter: A Halloween Racehorse's Tale

In the moonlight's eerie glow, the track awaits, Where a racehorse's heart, with thunder, resonates. On this haunted eve, a tale to be told, Of a steed so bold, and a story so old.

With a coat as dark as the midnight sky, Our equine hero, to the challenge, will fly. A Halloween race, a test of their might, Under the watchful stars, on this ghostly night.

Hooves pound the earth like a spectral drum, As the racehorse and jockey together become, A phantom of speed, a specter of grace, In this otherworldly, horseman's embrace. Through the swirling mist and shadows they soar, Past tombstones, and cobwebs, and haunted folklore. A racehorse, a phantom, a mystical steed, Chasing dreams and hopes at breakneck speed.

With each thunderous gallop, they push through the veil, Where the supernatural and earthly realities hail. In this spectral race, under the moon's eerie gleam, Our racehorse becomes the star of this Halloween dream.

For tonight, they race not for trophies or gold, But for the thrill of the chase, a tale to be told. So, raise a toast to the horse with courage ablaze, On this Halloween night, in a ghostly horse race.

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