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Could B12/Phosphorous Boost Your Horse's Performance?

Updated: Feb 15

As a horse owner, you likely go to great lengths to ensure your equine athlete is getting proper nutrition. From quality hay and grains to specialized feeds and supplements, nutrition is key for optimal health and performance. Recently, some in the equine community have been exploring injectable combinations of vitamin B12 and phosphorous as a way to further enhance a horse's nutritional status. Proponents claim these injections can provide performance benefits. But what does the science say? Let's take a closer look.

The Science Behind B12 and Phosphorous:

Vitamin B12 and phosphorous are both essential nutrients for horses. B12 helps support nerve tissue health and aids in energy metabolism. Phosphorous is crucial for bone strength, energy production, and muscle and nerve functioning. When provided in adequate amounts through a balanced diet, these nutrients can help optimize a horse's health and performance potential.

B12 and phosphorous are absorbed quickly into the bloodstream, allowing for fast nutrient delivery. In theory, this provides horses with a readily available pool of these nutrients to fuel metabolic processes and energy production. Some preliminary studies suggest combining B12 and phosphorous in injectable form may enhance equine athletic performance. One study found show horses had increased stamina and reduced fatigue when regularly administered intra-muscular B12 and phosphorous injections over a 6 week period.

Potential Benefits for Performance Horses:

Based on the limited evidence available, here are some of the proposed benefits injectable B12 and phosphorous could offer performance horses:

  • Increased stamina and energy supply for endurance activities

  • Reduced fatigue for continued peak performance

  • Improved muscle strength and power

  • Enhanced bone strength to prevent injuries

  • Better nerve conduction and muscle response time for quick reactions

  • Heightened mental focus and alertness

While promising, keep in mind research is still very limited. More rigorous studies are needed to verify these preliminary findings and better understand ideal dosing protocols.

Always consult your veterinarian before giving any injectable supplements.

The Bottom Line:

Injectable B12 and phosphorous may offer performance horses some advantages related to energy, stamina, and injury prevention. However, current evidence is minimal. More research is necessary to confirm potential benefits and determine safe, effective dosing guidelines. For now, focus on ensuring your horse's basic nutritional needs are fully met through quality feed and forage. Work with your vet or equine nutritionist on any specialty supplements or treatments. With proper nutrition and training, you can set your horse up for success!

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