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Graceful Hooves: A Thanksgiving Ode to Horses

Upon the fields where autumn reigns, Amidst the gold of harvest grains, Graceful creatures roam in glee, Horses gallop, wild and free.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving's grace, They lend their beauty to this space, Hooves that dance on earth's rich ground, With strength and majesty unbound.

Manes afloat like windswept clouds, Their presence strong, so truly proud, In pastures wide, they find their feast, Grazing gently, as day meets eve's release.

Their presence holds a tranquil power, Symbolizing freedom in every hour, As families gather, hearts unite, Grateful for blessings, in day and night.

Thanksgiving's tale, a story told, Of abundance, warmth, and friendships old, Yet amidst the feast and joyful meetings, The horses roam, a sight so fleeting.

For they remind us, in their way, Of nature's gifts in sun's bright ray, A testament to life's grand scope, In every gallop, a message of hope.

So as we gather 'round the table grand, Amidst the bounty, hand in hand, Let's honor these creatures, pure and wise, Gracing our world beneath the skies.

For in their presence, we can find, A symbol of thanks, so intertwined, Horses, in their noble way, Teach gratitude on this Thanksgiving day.

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