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Introducing OMEPECIN PLUS: Revolutionizing Ulcer Treatment for Horses

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Taking care of our equine companions is of utmost importance, and one common health issue that affects horses is gastric ulcers. These painful sores in the stomach lining can cause discomfort, reduced performance, and other related problems. However, with the recent development of OMEPECIN PLUS (bepecin arginate salt-omeprazole-misoprostol), a breakthrough ulcer paste for horses, equestrians and veterinarians now have a powerful tool to combat this issue. In this blog, we will explore the unique properties of OMEPECIN PLUS, focusing on its key ingredient, Bepecin Arginate Salt, and its role in bypassing stomach acid to deliver optimal results.

Understanding Gastric Ulcers in Horses

Gastric ulcers are a prevalent condition in horses, particularly those involved in high-performance activities such as racing, show jumping, or eventing. The equine stomach is divided into two sections: the non-glandular squamous region and the glandular region. Gastric ulcers primarily occur in the non-glandular squamous region due to constant exposure to stomach acid.

Traditional ulcer treatments for horses involve the administration of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) like Omeprazole, which reduce stomach acid production and aid in ulcer healing. However, these medications often face challenges in bypassing the acidic environment of the equine stomach, limiting their effectiveness.

OMEPECIN PLUS: An Innovative Solution

OMEPECIN PLUS (Bepecin Arginate Salt-Omeprazole-Misoprostol) is a cutting-edge ulcer paste designed to overcome the limitations of traditional treatments. It is specifically formulated to deliver optimal results in the challenging equine digestive system. The key ingredient that sets OMEPECIN PLUS apart is Bepecin Arginate Salt (BPC-157).

Bepecin Arginate Salt: Bypassing Stomach Acid for Maximum Efficacy

Bepecin Arginate Salt plays a crucial role in enhancing the efficacy of OMEPECIN PLUS by allowing it to bypass the corrosive stomach acid. Here's how it works:

  1. Acid-Resistant Properties: Bepecin Arginate Salt is formulated to resist the acidic environment of the equine stomach. When administered orally, it maintains its integrity and remains unaffected by stomach acid. This unique property ensures that Bepecin Arginate Salt in OMEPECIN PLUS reaches the intended site of action without degradation.

  2. Controlled Release: Once Bepecin Arginate Salt bypasses the stomach, it gradually releases into the stomach lining. This controlled release mechanism ensures a sustained effect on gastric ulcers, promoting optimal healing and reducing the chances of recurrence.

  3. Targeted Healing: The controlled release mechanism allows the active ingredient (Bepecin Arginate Salt) to be gradually absorbed in the stomach lining, directly targeting the ulcer site. This targeted healing approach enhances the ulcer treatment's effectiveness, facilitating quicker recovery and restoring the horse's well-being.

Benefits of OMEPECIN PLUS with Bepecin Arginate Salt:

The introduction of OMEPECIN PLUS with Bepecin Arginate Salt brings a range of benefits for horses suffering from gastric ulcers:

  1. Improved Efficacy: By bypassing the stomach acid, OMEPECIN PLUS maximizes the effectiveness of its active ingredients, leading to enhanced ulcer healing and symptom relief.

  2. Enhanced Absorption: The controlled release mechanism of Bepecin Arginate Salt ensures optimal absorption of active components, allowing for targeted healing of gastric ulcers.

  3. Long-Lasting Effects: With the unique actions of OMEPECIN PLUS, horses can experience longer periods of relief and reduced ulcer recurrence, improving their overall health and performance.

  4. Ease of Administration: OMEPECIN PLUS is formulated as an oral paste, making it convenient for horse owners and veterinarians to administer the treatment.


Gastric ulcers can significantly impact the health, well-being, and performance of horses. With the introduction of OMEPECIN PLUS and its innovative use of Bepecin Arginate Salt, the treatment of equine gastric ulcers has reached new heights. This groundbreaking ulcer paste provides improved efficacy, enhanced absorption, and long-lasting effects. Thanks to OMEPECIN PLUS, horse owners and veterinarians now have a powerful tool to combat gastric ulcers, enabling their equine companions to thrive and reach their full potential.


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