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Is CoQ10 legit or not for Immunity in the Horse?

Updated: May 8, 2023

Six volumes of scientific research from over 100 laboratories, edited by world-renowned expert Dr. Karl Folkers of the University of Texas at Austin, say it is. Science is the only measure you can trust!

Twenty years ago at the New England Research Institute in Connecticut, physician Dr Emile Bliznakov and his group first reported a series of studies showing that CoQ supplements enhance macrophage activity in animals. These findings were confirmed and extended by other laboratories. Animals fed CoQ have improved cell-mediated immunity and improved resistance to bacterial infection.

Humoral immunity is also boosted by CoQ. Antibody production is increased, and a single injection of CoQ10 of 4mg/kg bodyweight, has been shown to reverse the age-related decline in antibody response in mice.

It also works in human subjects. Studies report the reversal of the age-related decline in humoral immunity using supplements of 60mg/day of CoQ10. With these effects on humoral immunity, you would expect improved resistance to viruses. And there is, and it's strong. CoQ10 shows anti-viral activity in animals against the potent Friend leukemia virus. It also protects animals against otherwise lethal doses of the encephalomyocarditis virus.

These are only a few of the many hundreds of studies on Coq10. They are representative of the research that shows it to be a valuable nutrient to help improve immunity in performance horses.

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