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Love's Canter: A Valentine's Day Ode to Horses

In fields of emerald, beneath skies so wide, Graceful creatures roam with hearts untied. Their beauty, a marvel, like love's sweet embrace, In the rhythm of hooves, a dance of grace.

With coats of satin, in hues of gold, They gallop through meadows, bold and bold. Their neighs like whispers in the breeze, Tales of passion they freely tease.

In the language of the wind, they speak, Of loyalty strong, not for the meek. Their eyes, deep pools of affection's gaze, In their presence, our hearts ablaze.

On this Valentine's, let's pay homage true, To these majestic beings, so pure and true. For in their spirit, we find love's true course, In every stride, the essence of love's force.

So let us cherish them, these noble steeds, For in their presence, love forever leads. On this Valentine's, under skies so vast, Let's celebrate love, in horses steadfast.

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