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Omepecin Plus - A New Treatment for Gastric Ulcers in Horses

Gastric ulcers are a common condition affecting up to 90% of performance horses and foals. They can cause decreased appetite, poor performance, weight loss, and colic. While current treatments like omeprazole (GastroGard) can help, it does not address all the underlying causes like Omepecin Plus. Omepecin Plus paste is a new product that combines omeprazole with misoprostol and bepecin arginate to more effectively treat equine gastric ulcers.

About the Ingredients:

Omeprazole - This proton pump inhibitor reduces stomach acid production to allow the stomach lining to heal. It's effective but doesn't deal with other factors involved in ulcer formation.

Misoprostol - A prostaglandin that increases mucus production and blood flow in the stomach, protecting it from acid damage.

Bepecin Arginate - An arginine salt that enhances blood flow and healing of the stomach lining. The arginine also helps maintain muscle tone in the stomach.

How Omepecin Plus Works:

The omeprazole in Omepecin Plus works to reduce stomach acid. Misoprostol and bepecin arginate then enhance protective mechanisms - mucus production, blood flow, and muscle tone - allowing more rapid and complete healing of gastric ulcers.

Benefits of Omepecin Plus:

  • More effective treatment of equine gastric ulcers

  • Addresses multiple factors involved in ulcer formation

  • Helps heal ulcers more quickly

  • Restores appetite and improves performance

  • Well tolerated with few side effects

  • Convenient once-daily oral dosing

  • Can help prevent ulcers in horses at risk

Omepecin Plus offers a significant advance in equine gastric ulcer therapy. Ask your veterinarian if it may be the right choice for your horse. Proper diet and management are also important to help prevent recurrence.

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