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Popular Anti-Inflammatory Poultice For Your Horse

Updated: May 8, 2023

Unna's Paste Poultice is a popular anti-inflammatory poultice, which is used in treating sprains and strains. It consists of the following ingredients:

5.3 ounces each of zinc oxide and gelatin

5.6 ounces of water and glycerine

Unna's paste is made by mixing the solid ingredients together, then combining them with the liquids and stirring and heating all ingredients together in a double boiler. The mixture is ready to be used when it attains the consistency of thick paint.

Apply Unna's paste liberally to both the area to be bandaged and to a roll of 2-inch wide conforming gauze, which ensures that the layers of the bandage will adhere to each other. The bandage should be wrapped directly onto the injured area, and the horse kept away from dust and bedding for about twenty minutes to allow the paste time to set. This bandage will dry to the consistency of foam rubber and should require nothing other than its own adhesiveness to stay in place. If necessary, this bandage can remain on the leg for a couple of days before removal.

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