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The Benefits of Caco-Copper Supplementation for Horses

Copper is an essential trace mineral for horses that plays many crucial roles in maintaining health. While naturally present in equine diets, copper deficiencies are common. Supplementing with caco-copper can provide key benefits.

Improved Immune Function and White Blood Cell Counts

One of the top reasons to supplement copper is for immune support. Copper assists in white blood cell production and function. White blood cells are vital for immune response and protection against pathogens and illness.

Providing supplemental copper has been shown to boost circulating white blood cell numbers and activity. This enhanced immune function helps keep horses healthy.

Lusher, Shinier Coat and Hair

The coat is a visible indicator of a horse's health. Copper contributes to coat pigment and supports skin and hair.Adding a caco-copper supplement to a horse's diet can produce noticeable improvements in hair and coat quality. Many owners see their horses develop shinier, richer colored, and healthier looking coats.

Increased Red Blood Cell Counts and Oxygen Transport

Copper plays an integral role in red blood cell production and function. It aids iron absorption and supports maintaining normal red blood cell counts. More red blood cells means increased oxygen-carrying capacity. Supplemental copper helps optimize oxygen delivery to tissues to meet energy demands.

Antioxidant Support Against Cell Damage

As part of key antioxidant enzymes in the body, copper provides antioxidant activity. This helps counteract oxidative stress and prevent damaging free radicals. Meeting copper requirements can strengthen antioxidant status in horses. This supports overall wellness and protects cells from damage.

Bone Health and Integrity

From influencing bone metabolism to supporting collagen production, copper is vital for proper bone development and integrity. Supplying adequate copper encourages healthy bones and growth. It also positively impacts bone mineral density for strength.

Safe and Effective when Used Properly

Caco-copper supplements are considered very safe for horses when provided at recommended intakes. Toxicity or overdose is rare. By working with your veterinarian and following dosing guidelines, caco-copper can be used to safely optimize copper status. This delivers key health benefits with minimal risk.

Consult Your Vet About Copper Needs

Always talk to your veterinarian before supplementing any nutrient like copper. They can advise if supplementation is needed and the proper formula and dose. Testing copper levels can confirm if your horse will benefit from more copper. This helps fine-tune their diet and nutrition for optimal well-being.

Caco-copper offers major advantages related to immunity, blood health, coat quality, and beyond. While naturally present in the diet, many horses need supplementation to correct deficiencies. With vet guidance, caco-copper is a safe and effective way to support robust horse health.

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