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Tip Of The Day: Hind End Stances and What They Could Mean

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

A horse with a problem in the left hind for instance may resent being shod on the right hind. When the right hind is being worked on the left hind is forced to bear all the weight. Again if the pain is located in the left hind then the animal may resist having the right hind leg up.

A horse continuously resting one particular hind leg is clearly indicating a problem in that limb. We know from experience that the problem is likely in the stifle or fetlock. An animal which insists on keeping one hind leg further forward than the other often has a weakness in that limb. Again from experience the hock is most suspect. Horses which tend to hold both hind legs well underneath themselves are most commonly lame in front rather than behind. However animals suffering from excessive muscle pain over the back and hips may take on that stance. That's your tip of the day!

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