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Tips On Loading Anxious Horse On A Horse Trailer

Loading a horse onto a trailer can be a challenging task, particularly if the horse is fearful or anxious. Here are some steps you can follow to help your horse feel more comfortable with loading onto a trailer:

  1. Start with groundwork: Before attempting to load your horse onto a trailer, spend some time doing groundwork exercises with them. This can include lunging, leading, and desensitizing exercises. Make sure your horse is comfortable with all of these activities before moving on to trailer loading.

  2. Make the trailer a positive space: If your horse is fearful of the trailer, start by making it a positive space. You can do this by placing hay, treats, or even their regular feed inside the trailer so that they associate the trailer with something positive. You can also spend time near the trailer, petting and talking to your horse, so they start to feel more comfortable around

  3. Practice approaching and backing away: Once your horse is comfortable being around the trailer, start practicing approaching and backing away from it. Stand with your horse a few feet away from the trailer and encourage them to take a step forward. If they do, reward them with praise and a treat. If they don't, don't force them. Instead, take a step back and try again later.

  4. Use a lead rope or lunge line: When you're ready to try loading your horse onto the trailer, use a lead rope or lunge line to guide them. Stand at the entrance of the trailer and encourage your horse to step forward with the lead rope or lunge line. If they hesitate or back away, give them a moment and try again.

  5. Be patient: It's essential to be patient with your horse during this process. If they're hesitant or fearful, pushing them too hard can make things worse. Instead, take breaks as needed, and always end each session on a positive note.

  6. Consider seeking professional help: If you're still having trouble getting your horse to load onto the trailer, consider seeking the help of a professional trainer or handler who has experience working with horses that are fearful of trailers.

Remember, trailer loading is a learned behavior, and it takes time and patience to teach your horse to feel comfortable with it. By taking things slow and using positive reinforcement, you can help your horse overcome their fear and become more confident about loading onto a trailer

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