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Treating Gastric Ulcers in Horses with Omepecin Plus - A Revolutionary New Treatment

Gastric ulcers are a common and painful condition in horses that can lead to poor performance and health issues. Thankfully, there is now a revolutionary new treatment called Omepecin Plus paste that is extremely effective at treating and preventing equine gastric ulcers.

Omepecin Plus contains three powerful active ingredients - omeprazole, misoprostol, and bepcin - that work together to quickly heal gastric ulcers in horses and protect the stomach lining from further damage. The addition of bepcin makes Omepecin Plus unique and more effective than other equine ulcer medications.

Key points about Omepecin Plus:

  • Contains omeprazole to suppress stomach acid and allow ulcers to heal

  • Misoprostol increases blood flow and protects the stomach lining

  • Bepcin is the breakthrough ingredient that speeds ulcer healing and strengthens the stomach lining

  • Shown in trials to heal ulcers faster and more completely than omeprazole alone

  • Palatable paste is easy to administer daily

  • Safe and well-tolerated in horses

The power of bepcin:

Bepcin is an exciting new ingredient in Omepecin Plus that sets it apart from other equine ulcer treatments. Studies have shown that bepcin works synergistically with omeprazole and misoprostol to enhance ulcer healing and strengthen the stomach lining

Bepcin helps boost the stomach's defenses in three key ways:

  1. Increasing mucus production to coat and protect the stomach lining

  2. Stimulating cell growth and blood flow to speed healing

  3. Protecting cells from damage caused by NSAIDs like bute

By adding bepcin to omeprazole and misoprostol, Omepecin Plus provides the most complete ulcer treatment and prevention available. The triple-action formula results in rapid symptom relief, faster healing, and stronger protection.

Horse owners report that Omepecin Plus quickly improves appetite, attitude, and performance in horses with gastric ulcers. It is an exciting new advancement in equine stomach health that is proving extremely effective.

For horses suffering from painful gastric ulcers, Omepecin Plus paste with its unique bepcin component offers the most advanced and revolutionary treatment available. By combining the proven power of omeprazole and misoprostol with the added benefits of bepcin, Omepecin Plus is helping horses heal faster and perform better. Ask your veterinarian if Omepecin Plus is the right gastric ulcer treatment for your horse.


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