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Active Ingredient: Adenosine-5-Triphosphoric Disodium 12.5mg/ml


ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) is utilized in Citric Acid Cycle and is the second major step in oxidative phosphorylation. After glycolysis breaks glucose into smaller three-carbon molecules, the Citric Acid Cycle transfers that energy from those molecules to electron carriers, which will then be used in the electron transport chain to produce ATP.


Energy from the molecules is moved to other molecules, called electron carriers. These molecules carry the stored energy to the electron transport chain, which in turn creates ATP.


The need for additional ATP in performance horses increases the number of available molecules thus delaying fatigue and allowing quicker replenishment of ATP from “used up” ATP.


Muscles are capable of storing limited amounts of ATP for muscle contraction, but ALL athletic events need a constant flow of this energy source.


Dosage and Administration: Administer on the advice of a veterinarian. The usual dosage for adult horses is 10ml prior to hard work.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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ATP 12.5mg/ml 50ml

Cod SKU: ATP-50
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