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Active Ingredient: Omeprazole 2.3 grams


Omeprazole supplementation may assist in the body's healthy function of the equine's gastric region. Omeprazole Paste assists the equine body’s natural functions in reducing gastric acid along with the general acidity of the stomach. Omeprazole will contribute to the reduction of discomfort in equines with high acidity in the stomach. Diet will play a major role in the acidity levels of equines and why proper diet along with Omeprazole supplementation is the best approach to lessening discomfort related to acidity in all breeds of horses. Our convenient once-a-day dosing of this supplement can be completed in tandem with your horse’s normal working/training schedule.


  • Dosage and Administration: Make sure your horse’s mouth contains no feed before the administration of Omeprazole paste. Dose between ½ tube and 1 full tube every day. If delivering on a partial tube, replace the cap and store the contents in a cool dry place for use the next day.


* Observe the treated animal briefly after the dosing of omeprazole paste to ensure that all paste has been swallowed. If any of the Omeprazole paste is lost, it is recommended that you repeat the administration to the horse.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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Omeprazole Paste

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