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Active Ingredient: Ipamorelin 5mg


OsteoMaxx is a cutting-edge equine supplement that harnesses the power of Ipamorelin, a synthetic peptide designed to mimic the action of growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH). This unique formulation stimulates the release of growth hormone in the horse's body, which plays a critical role in bone growth, muscle development, and tissue repair.


However, Ipamorelin has a distinct advantage over other GHRH mimetics. While other GHRH-mimicking peptides also activate the body’s stress response, causing a number of other physical and biochemical changes in the body, Ipamorelin is extremely targeted.


Benefits of OsteoMaxx for Bone Growth in Performance Horses:



1. Enhanced Bone Mineral Density: OsteoMaxx promotes robust bone development by increasing bone mineral density in performance horses. A strong skeletal structure is essential for the rigorous demands placed on equine athletes during training and competition. By stimulating osteoblast activity, OsteoMaxx supports the formation of dense and resilient bones, reducing the risk of fractures and fortifying the horse's musculoskeletal system.


2. Accelerated Healing: Performance horses often face injuries and musculoskeletal stress due to the intense nature of their activities. OsteoMaxx aids in the healing process by facilitating the production of collagen, a critical protein involved in tissue repair. With increased collagen synthesis, OsteoMaxx accelerates the healing of fractures, ligament strains, and joint inflammation, enabling horses to return to training and competition sooner.


3. Joint Health and Mobility: The benefits of OsteoMaxx extend to joint health, a vital aspect of equine performance. By promoting the production of synovial fluid, OsteoMaxx enhances joint lubrication, reducing friction and minimizing wear and tear during strenuous physical exertion. Improved joint health not only enhances a horse's mobility and agility but also optimizes their overall performance, enabling them to execute complex movements with precision and grace.


4. Long-Term Bone Strength: OsteoMaxx helps maintain optimal bone remodeling, ensuring long-term skeletal strength for performance horses. As horses age or endure repetitive stress, bone resorption can outpace bone formation, leading to degenerative conditions such as osteoporosis. OsteoMaxx aids in regulating the balance between bone breakdown and formation, preserving bone integrity and strength over time.


5. Improved Recovery from Exercise: Intense training sessions and competitions can strain a horse's body, resulting in fatigue and muscle breakdown. OsteoMaxx, by stimulating growth hormone release, supports muscle recovery, reducing the required recuperation time. This leads to accelerated muscle repair and regeneration, allowing performance horses to maintain their peak physical condition and consistently perform at high levels.


OsteoMaxx (Ipamorelin) provides an effective solution for promoting bone growth in performance horses. By enhancing bone mineral density, accelerating healing, supporting joint health, and ensuring long-term bone strength, OsteoMaxx contributes to the overall well-being, performance, and longevity of equine athletes.


Dosage and Administration: Add 2 ml of saline solution (Included with purchase) VERY SLOWLY into the OsteoMaxx vial and mix with the powder. DO NOT SHAKE the vial when mixing. DO NOT FORCE the saline solution directly into the powder with force, but rather let it gently slide down the inside of the vial. If it bubbles up, place the vial in a refrigerator and leave it there for about 15 - 30 minutes. The bubbles will ultimately dissipate. Finally, gently rotate the vial until all of the powder has dissolved (usually about 3 - 4 minutes).


Administer the entire vial on the advice of your veterinarian. The general dosage is 5mg once per week for 8-12 weeks, then 4 weeks off.


Storage: Prior to reconstitution (powder only) the product will have a longer shelf life if stored in a refrigerator. Do not freeze and protect from light.


After reconstitution: Keep refrigerated. Do not freeze and protect from light. Reconstituted OsteoMaxx should be used within 7 days.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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