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Active Ingredient: MOTS-c 10mg


MitoX (MOTS-c - which is an acronym for Mitochondrial Optimization Therapy in Sport Horses), is a revolutionary approach designed to optimize mitochondrial function in performance horses. MOTS-c is a 16 amino acid peptide, transcribed particularly from mitochondrial DNA. Mitochondria are the energy powerhouses of cells, and when optimized, they significantly impact a horse's energy production, stamina, and resilience.


The Science Behind MitoX


MitoX (MOTS-c) is based on cutting-edge scientific research that focuses on activating AMPK (Adenosine Monophosphate-Activated Protein Kinase) in horses. This enzyme plays a crucial role in regulating cellular energy balance and metabolism. By activating AMPK, Mots-C enhances mitochondrial biogenesis and improves energy efficiency within the horse's body.


The Benefits of MitoX for Performance Horses


a. Increased Endurance: MitoX (MOTS-c) enables performance horses to maintain higher energy levels over extended periods, resulting in improved endurance during rigorous training sessions. This can assist in less chance of injury during hard work.

b. Faster Recovery: By promoting better mitochondrial function, MitoX (MOTS-c) aids in quicker recovery after intense workouts or competitions, reducing downtime and maximizing training potential.

c. Enhanced Agility: MitoX (MOTS-c) contributes to better muscle function, allowing horses to perform complex maneuvers with improved ease and precision.

d. Delayed Fatigue: With optimized mitochondrial function, performance horses experience reduced fatigue, helping them maintain peak performance during rigorous training sessions..

e. Improved Focus and Concentration: MitoX (MOTS-c) is not just about physical benefits. It also enhances mental clarity and focus in horses, leading to more attentive and responsive behavior during training and competitions.


Dosage and Administration: Add 2 ml of saline solution (Included with purchase) VERY SLOWLY into the MitoX vial and mix with the powder. DO NOT SHAKE the vial when mixing. DO NOT FORCE the saline solution directly into the powder with force, but rather let it gently slide down the inside of the vial. If it bubbles up, place the vial in a refrigerator and leave it there for about 15 - 30 minutes. The bubbles will ultimately dissipate. Finally, gently rotate the vial until all of the powder has dissolved (usually about 3 - 4 minutes).


Administer the entire vial on the advice of your veterinarian. The general dosage is 10mg once per week, ideally right before hard work for the added mitochondrial benefit, for 4 weeks, then 4 weeks off.


Storage: Prior to reconstitution (powder only) the product will have a longer shelf life if stored in a refrigerator. Do not freeze and protect from light.


After reconstitution: Keep refrigerated. Do not freeze and protect from light. Reconstituted MitoX should be used within 7 days.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

MitoX (MOTS-c) 10mg

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