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Active Ingredients: L-Carnitine 500mg/ml, Methionine 250mg/ml, Inositol 250mg/ml, Choline 250mg/ml, Thiamine 250mg/ml, L-Leucine 2.5mg/ml, Cyanocobalamin 10mcg/ml


Lipotropic nutrients are needed for a large number of functions in the body but are primarily used in the prevention of over-accumulation of fat in the liver. LIPOTROPES is a completely balanced formula to aid in flushing the liver to make a horse’s system run more efficiently. These lipotropic factors play a substantial role in stimulating the liver’s production of lecithin, which is a key ingredient for the proper metabolism of cholesterol, and detoxification of the thymus gland and liver.


Dosage and Administration: Administer on the advice of a veterinarian. The usual dosage is 10-20ml twice weekly.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Lipotropes 100ml

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