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Horseshoeing Tip Of The Day!!!

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Stumbling is caused by an unbalanced foot. Out-side toe height or fullness is a prevalent cause, but an animal thus out of balance will only trip, which of course is annoying, but he will seldom fall to his knees. The horse that goes down trips over his heel because it is too high.

When the horse trips over his toe he will get the opposite foot in place and save himself, but when he bumps his heel and trips over that his knee is bent at once and he goes down before he can save himself with the opposite foot.

Contraction, especially coronary contraction, often has a paralyzing effect upon the tendons, and this causes the animal to be uncertain of his step.

Place the feet in proper balance and in normal condition, and the stumbling habit will soon disappear.

That's your tip of the day!

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